Uttarakhand: Just Before The Budget Session, Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat Has Again Chanted The Permanent Capital

Uttarakhand: Just Before The Budget Session, Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat Has Again Chanted The Permanent Capital

Amid preparations for the budget session in Garrison, former Congress Chief Minister Harish Rawat has waged a permanent capital. Rawat said that it would have been better if he had issued the Tughlaqi decree to make Garasain the capital. This time in a post released on Facebook, Harish Rawat recalled two assembly sessions during his Chief Minister’s term.

Rawat wrote that Uttarakhand has become a ritual state. Big changes require a junk decision. This decision was non-committal even yesterday and will remain non-committal even further. Further, Rawat wrote that as the Chief Minister, he should have passed a resolution to establish Garasain as the capital with the first budget session being held in Bharadisain.

Although, this would have been a Tughlaqi decree, in future this decree would become a boon for Uttarakhand. Rawat wrote – My resolve, Modi got burnt in the heat of love. The reality is that today Uttarakhand is searching for answers to migration, misfortune, poverty, etc., then it will have to make Gransain it’s own. The current government is not doing so.

Tughlaqi Decrees Become Immortal Forever
According to Rawat, Mohammed bin Tughlaq decided to take the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad and set out with all the frills. It was a good move, but not practical. Despite this, the Tughlaqi decree became immortal. I would also become immortal. I am more or less right, aware of Garsain (invoking Gods). Will keep you awake

Kishore Warned Against The Government’s Toppling
Rawat wrote that he is sorry that during the two assembly sessions of Garsain he remained oblivious of the confirmed information about toppling the government. He was also warned by Kishore Upadhyay (then party state president), but he wondered why someone would commit such a sin.

I Suspended Soldier of Uttarakhand Congress
Before leaving for Assam, Congress National General Secretary and Assam in-charge Harish Rawat tweeted that he was a suspended soldier of the Uttarakhand Congress. Rawat wrote, ‘I am a suspended soldier of the Uttarakhand Congress and a regular soldier of the Assam Congress’. With this, Rawat wrote that he had to go to Assam immediately and he would not be able to attend Uttarakhand’s programs.

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