Uttarakhand: Cabinet Meeting Concluded, Government’s Seal On These 14 Proposals

Uttarakhand: Cabinet Meeting Concluded, Government’s Seal On These 14 Proposals

The state cabinet meeting concluded today. In this meeting, the government approved the decision to bring employees under the purview of the state Ayushman scheme. Along with this, 14 proposals were made in the meeting and all were approved. The cabinet meeting started at 9 am today at the Secretariat under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat.
Cabinet decisions:

1- The post of consultant in Science CT was approved by the Government of India in the state. GS Rautela appointed as a consultant. GS Rautela has served as the National Council of Science Museums. Consultant appointments have been held for three years.

2 – The implementation of the Contract Agricultural Act 2018 was approved in the state. Contracts with farmers will be cultivated under the Act.

3 – In place of the Uttarakhand Agricultural Produce Market Act 2011, the Agricultural Produce and Livestock Marketing Act 2017 created by the Central Government will be implemented in the state. The imperative for farmers to deliver crops to the mandi will end. Farmers will be able to sell crops anywhere at their own prices. The President of the Mandi Council will not be appointed by the Government. There will be an election for the President of Mandi Council.

4 – Changes were made in the Atal Ayushman scheme. The referral process to the government hospital was abolished. State Health Agency was named the State Health Authority. A call center will be formed. 10 call centers will be set up in the state. Information will be taken through the call center regarding the problems in Ayushman Yojana. State employees will get free treatment under the Atal Ayushman scheme. Under the health insurance of the employees, the government will charge the premium in a month according to the grade pay. According to the present, the government will charge 250, 450, 650, 1000 premiums.

5 – Deputation of police personnel in SDRF was increased from five years to seven years.

6 – Amendment in the Mega Industry Investment Policy 2015. The products included in the negative list will no longer be exempt. Discounts will not be available on tobacco pan masala, cement, polythene, etc.
Pre-installed products will continue to be exempted for five years.

7 – Mega Textile Park Policy Section 9 amended. The policy has been extended to 2023 instead of 2021.
8 – Startup Policy 2018 was amended.

9 – Panchayati Raj Act of 2016 amended. Section two defined Gram Panchayat, Kshetra Panchayat, and Zilla Panchayat.
10 – Public Works Department will now be able to construct a new road 500 meters long and three meters wide.

11 – The land adjoining Adi Badri will be given free of cost by the Government to the Archaeological Department of India for parking.
12 – 162 The time for an extension of the cemetery was extended by one year.

13 – Amendment in sale price under Uttarakhand Cess Act 2015
14 – Uttarakhand Witness Protection Act 2020 approved. Now the residents will get security in the state. Victims of major crimes, including capital punishment, will get protection.

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