Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj Inaugurated Tourism Schemes Worth 1581.00 Lakhs

Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj Inaugurated Tourism Schemes Worth 1581.00 Lakhs

Champawat. Ropeways are being constructed to promote tourism in many places in the state. Under this, the construction of Purnagiri Devi ropeway projects from Thuligad is going on PP mode. The state’s Tourism, Irrigation, and Culture Minister Satpal Maharaj said in his address while inaugurating the development works of tourism facilities at a cost of Rs 1581.00 lakhs under the centrally funded Swadesh Yojana Heritage Circuit in Barahi Mandir Devidhura campus here today.

Maharaj said that ropeways are being constructed to promote tourism in many places in the state. In which projects from Kadukkhal to Surkanda Devi and Thuligad to Purnagiri Devi Ropeway are being constructed on PP mode. He said that work has also been started on the Rs 300 crore ropeway scheme from Dehradun to Mussoorie, one of the longest 5 ropeways in the world. Apart from this, ropeways are also proposed at many places like Nainital and Diva Ka Danda.

Maharaj said that to promote tourism and pilgrimage activities in all the districts of the state, the tourism department is working on a plan to identify places of local mythological importance and include them in the circuit. The mythological Kranteshwar Mahadev is included in the Navagraha circuit, Shiva Circuit, Nagnath Temple, and Goljew Temple at Goralchod Maidan, Nagaraja, and Goljew Temple, and Ramak’s Sun Temple.

State Tourism and Culture Minister Satpal Maharaj while addressing the inauguration program said that under the Swadesh Darshan Scheme of the Government of India, the Interpretation Center, Landscaping and Site Amenities, Parking at Jageshwar, Daneshwar at Katarmal in Almora, included in the Heritage Circuit. A total of 68 crores 90 lakh 64 thousand development works have been carried out under Eco Log Huts, Baijnath in Bageshwar, Log Huts, Parking, Ghat Development and Barahi Warrior Building, Rural Sports Center, and Side Development in Devidhura located here. He informed that the irrigation department is constructing reservoirs in various districts of the state for the promotion and conservation of water.

Along with water conservation in rural areas of Ranikhet, Pithoragarh, Lohaghat, Dehradun, and Pauri, reservoirs are being constructed with a view to promoting tourism and the possibilities of fisheries in terms of employment. Irrigation Minister Satpal Maharaj said that during the tenure of our government, under the Prime Minister Agricultural Irrigation Scheme, every field underwater, the Small Irrigation Department has constructed 770 km of irrigation blocks by November 2020, as well as 2161 irrigation pools, 4 unit hydrum, 109 Artesian With the installation of wells and 945 pump sets, irrigation capacity of 17525 hectares has been created.

Prior to the program, Satpal Maharaj met Bharatiya Janata Party workers, office bearers, and local people in Siddha Peetha Mashta Maharaj Temple Complex, Pati Development Block, besides listening to their problems and after offering prayers at Shri Siddha Narasimha Baba temple in Banjgaon, Kandwal village, Khetkhan Also announced to give one lakh rupees from his institution to the temple treasury. Satpal Maharaj, the inauguration ceremony held at Barahi Devi temple complex in Devidhura, also announced a grant of Rs 1 lakh from his organization Manav Utthan Seva Samiti to local resident Mrs. Hema Joshi for treatment of her husband suffering from kidney disease.

Pooran Faryatyal, MLA Lohaghat, KMVN President Kedar Dutt Joshi, Barahi Temple Committee Patronage Laxman Singh BJP District Vice President Pushkar Pujari, Prakash Bohra Circle President, Lalit Mohan Kunwar District Panchayat Vice President, District Panchayat President Jyoti Rai, Block Head’s Suman Lata, Deepak Bhatt, Govind Pangaria, etc. were present.

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