Kumbh 2021: Kumbhanagri Drenched In Colors Of Folk Tradition And Culture

Kumbh 2021: Kumbhanagri Drenched In Colors Of Folk Tradition And Culture

Haridwar. The city of Dharma, which is getting ready for Kumbh 2021, has become drenched with colors of folk traditions and culture. The splendor of religious faith, folk traditions and mythological culture carved on the walls here will also attract the devotees. The Government has left no stone unturned to make Dharmanagri clean and decorated.

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that “the state government is committed to the divine and grand Kumbh. Efforts are being made that crores of devotees coming here in Kumbh should also be aware of the folk and cultural heritage of Uttarakhand.”

The government is making serious efforts to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Devbhoomi in the state. Haridwar Kumbh-2121 is also considered as an opportunity for this. For this painting has been made. The walls of bridges, ghats, etc., including government buildings in the Kumbh region, are decorated with mythological paintings of religious beliefs and paintings of culture. The intention behind this is that the faith of the devotees who come from the country and the world should be awakened so that they can also be familiar with the tradition, culture, and mythological heritage here.

The ‘city of religion’ has been changed from the ‘Paint My City’ campaign of the Haridwar Roorkee Development Authority. It is worth seeing the colors of Devbhoomi’s traditions and culture on the walls and vacant spaces. Somewhere images of deities and gods and religious traditions have been taken alive. Cabinet Minister Madan Kaushik said that various organizations have been helping to decorate the Kumbh Mela area with paintings. According to the intention of the government, the Make My City campaign will also see the colors of traditions and culture in the city of religion. Kumbh preparations are almost complete. This time the Aquarius will be divine and grand.

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