Corona Vaccine Shows ‘Severe’ Side-Effects In This Country, 13 People Paralyzed After Taking The Vaccine

Corona Vaccine Shows ‘Severe’ Side-Effects In This Country, 13 People Paralyzed After Taking The Vaccine

So far, more than 54.5 million people have been infected by the coronavirus worldwide, while the death toll has also crossed 20 lakh. Vaccination campaigns are being carried out against the virus in many countries, including India, including Britain, America, and Israel. However, side-effects of the vaccine are also seen in many places. A surprising case of side-effects has come to light in Israel. Actually, 13 people are suffering from facial paralysis (half facial paralysis) after taking the vaccine here. According to media reports, the Health Ministry here says that there may be more cases in the country.

The report revealed that doctors in Israel are now considering whether to give a second dose of vaccine to such people. However, the ministry has urged doctors to vaccinate people with a second dose when temporary paralysis goes away. In fact, Israel started its vaccination campaign in the last month i.e. December 2020 and since then doctors have vaccinated about 72% of people aged 60 years.

According to media reports, a person who took the corona vaccine in Israel said, ‘I walked around with facial paralysis (facial paralysis) for at least 28 hours. I cannot say that it went away completely afterward, but apart from that, I had no further pain, except for one minor pain where the injection was made.

A similar case came to light in the UK a few days ago, in which a person was given a Pfizer vaccine and then had facial paralysis (half-facial paralysis). However, according to previous reports, her condition had recovered in a few days.

Recently, there have been serious side effects of the Corona vaccine in Norway. According to media reports, 23 people aged 60 and above died soon after taking the vaccine here. Officials in Norway say that this happened because they developed common side-effects of the MRN vaccine.

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