When Chamoli police got two tempo travelers of the same number

When Chamoli police got two tempo travelers of the same number
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Chamoli. No matter how clever the criminal is, he cannot escape from the eyes of the police. A similar case came to the fore on June 17, in which the police received information from confidential sources that two tempo travelers of the same registration number had gone from Joshimath to Shri Badrinath Dham, who was driving the vehicle with a fake registration number. As soon as it came to the notice of Superintendent of Police Shweta Choubey, it was directed to conduct an intensive checking campaign to trace both the vehicles.

Which, taking quick action by the police, under the leadership of Traffic Inspector Kailash Chandra Sharma, all the vehicles were thoroughly scrutinized from Badrinath Dham to Mana. After a lot of searching, one vehicle was found in Mana Parking on the side of Mana Road and the other near Mana Road, both the above vehicles had the same registration number PB 01A 3355 number plate. On being found suspicious having the same number plate, both the vehicles and their drivers respectively (1) Sunil Kumar son Karamchand resident of Namgarh Patiala Punjab, and (2) Rakesh Kumar son Dharamchand resident of Bajwada Hoshiarpur Punjab were brought to the police station at the age of 42 years. Where in the interrogation, at first both the drivers kept saying that the vehicle number was correct, but later as soon as the documents of both the vehicles were thoroughly checked, the secret of fraud was exposed. In which driver Rakesh Kumar and vehicle owner Charanjit Singh and other unidentified persons were found to be driving 2 tempo travelers from the same number by fraud, coding, and making fake documents.

On the basis of which the driver Ramesh Kumar was arrested by registering a case against the above in Kotwali Mr. Badrinath, crime number 05/2022 section 420/467/468/471/483/120B. This gang is being traced by the police, from where it operates across the country and who is involved in it, for which the investigation is going on. Chamoli Police is running a continuous campaign for checking suspicious vehicles/persons, which will continue even further.

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