Tourism Secretary Dilip Jawalkar appeals to pilgrims

Tourism Secretary Dilip Jawalkar appeals to pilgrims
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  • There is still time left for the journey to end
  • If you want to avoid chaos, do not rush, pilgrims

Dehradun. The Chardham Yatra, which started after two years without restrictions, is being conducted systematically as per the rules. Regarding Chardham Yatra, Secretary Tourism Dilip Jawalkar has said that there is still a lot of time left for Chardham Yatra. In such a situation, the pilgrims should not be in any hurry to avoid disturbances during the journey.

Talking to reporters at Uttarakhand Tourism Development Council (UTDB) on Friday, Dilip Jawalkar said that in the past few days negative news has been seen in some print media and news channels regarding the preparations and arrangements for Chardham Yatra. But it is quite contrary to the facts. The reality is that the Chardham Yatra is being conducted systematically as per the rules. This is corroborated by the positive reactions of pilgrims received from various media sources.

Secretary Tourism said that in view of the expectation of a large number of pilgrims coming this time, all kinds of facilities are being provided to the pilgrims in coordination with the concerned departments. For the first time, arrangements have been made for the registration of pilgrims by the tourism department. The registration of pilgrims is done online and offline mode by the department.

A few days ago it was seen that some pilgrims are leaving for darshan on the same day by booking advance slots offline. In such a situation, the pilgrims are facing problems due to overcrowding in the Dhams. The police are investigating the pilgrims who do this and advising them to travel on the same day as the booking date. While the pilgrims who have made advance booking of hotel and helicopter services, their documents are being checked at Chowk Post and sent forward. Keeping in mind the safety and convenience of the pilgrims, at present, offline and online slot booking is not being done for the next one week.

Secretary Tourism Dilip Jawalkar said that cleanliness, drinking water, health, roads, security, and other arrangements have been improved on the travel routes so that the pilgrims do not have to face any kind of inconvenience. Tourist Safety Management System has been installed on the vehicles to trace the location of the passengers. With this, the location of the passengers is being monitored.

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