These students are not eating food cooked by the mother of a Scheduled Caste

These students are not eating food cooked by the mother of a Scheduled Caste
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While warning, the school cut the TC of the children

Tanakpur (Champawat). The Mid-Day Meal Scheme (MDM) controversy has started again in the GIC of Sukhidhang. Seven to ten children of classes VI to VIII are not eating food prepared by the Bhojan Mata of Scheduled Castes. It is alleged that these children of upper caste are boycotting food due to caste reasons. It is alleged that while giving a warning, the school administration also deducted the TC (Transfer Certificate) of some children. To resolve the matter, Principal Prem Singh called a meeting of the parents on Thursday but it did not yield any result. In the first four days of this week at GIC, seven to ten upper-caste children refused to eat.

On getting the information, the principal and some teachers tried to convince the children, but the children refused to eat the food, citing domestic reasons. Threatening to cut the name, the TC of some children was also cut. The school administration barred the students from coming to school till the parents came and did not eat food. In the meeting held on Thursday, the parents told the reason for not eating the food as personal, but despite the long meeting, the matter remained unresolved. There are two upper castes and one Dalit food mother in the school.

Know what the school principal says
Prem Singh, Principal, GIC Sukhidhang says that for some days seven to ten children are not eating food cooked by the mother of Scheduled Caste, while these children have been eating food prepared by the other mother’s hand. This situation is neither in accordance with the school rules nor in terms of social harmony. A meeting of parents was called on Thursday but no result came out. None of the children’s names have been cropped. TC was given to some children to warn. The entire matter has been given to the higher officials of the department.

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