Satpal Maharaj Said That Auli Will Be A World-Class Tourist Spot

Satpal Maharaj Said That Auli Will Be A World-Class Tourist Spot

Joshimath. State Tourism Irrigation and Culture Minister Shri Satpal Maharaj today laid the foundation stone and inaugurated various development schemes of the Department of Irrigation and Tourism in Chamoli district. Tourism and Irrigation Minister Satpal Maharaj, during a function in the premises of the tourist accommodation house in Joshimath, laid the foundation stone and inaugurated various tourism and irrigation schemes of the district, as well as sitting with the district BJP officials and workers and heard the problems and their solutions Also assured.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of various development schemes for irrigation and tourism, Minister of Tourism and Irrigation Shri Satpal Maharaj said that the officers should show readiness to solve the problems of the people by keeping pace with the local people’s representatives. He said that the state has been formed after a long struggle of the people. Therefore the authorities should understand that they have more accountability towards the public. So they must pick up their phones while communicating with the public.

Maharaj said that the tourism department is moving towards realizing the Chief Minister’s plan to make 13 destinations in 13 districts. The cabinet minister said that our endeavor is to develop the Auli bird class as a tourist destination. He said that it is the government’s effort to make Uttarakhand a unique place on the world tourism map.

Satpal Maharaj while giving the schemes worth crores of rupees to Chamoli district, inaugurating the open-air ice skating rink scheme in Oli at a cost of one crore thirty-eight lakh nineteen thousand rupees, along with the cost of Rs 48 lakh 68 thousand in Shri Badrinath Dham Also laid the foundation stone of a cooking gas agency to be built from. Shri Satpal Maharaj inaugurated the Deolibgarh Development Plan at a cost of 2 crores 34 lakh 32 thousand under the centrally funded scheme, as well as the inauguration of Smriti Gate in memory of Baba Mohan Uttarakhandi at a cost of 13 lakh 13 thousand Also done. Badrinath MLA Mahendra Prasad Bhatt and many BJP workers and departmental officers were present on the occasion.

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