Uttarakhand High Court Order, Quarantine Should Be Done On The Border For Migrants Coming From Red Zone

Uttarakhand High Court Order, Quarantine Should Be Done On The Border For Migrants Coming From Red Zone

The Uttarakhand High Court has given a big order today on Wednesday about the migrant Uttarakhandis coming from other states. The High Court, after hearing a petition filed in the case of Corona Rapid Testing and Antiaging Testing, along with thermal testing of migrants coming to the state from outside areas, directed that every person coming from Red Zone to Uttarakhand must Institutional quarantine should be done on the border.

The court also said that the corona test should also be done and send the report to their house only after it comes negative. Today, the case was heard through video conferencing before the bench of Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia and Justice Ravindra Maithani. Sachidanand Dabral, a resident of Haridwar, had filed a PIL in the High Court seeking to help the affected people during the lockdown announced to prevent the coronavirus.

Various other PILs related to this were jointly heard. Earlier, during the hearing, the Advocate General had told the court that there are about 40 thousand workers from other states in Uttarakhand. While about two lakh people of Uttarakhand are stranded in other states who want to come to Uttarakhand.

The concerned people have also registered to come to Uttarakhand. On behalf of the government, the court was told that 49 relief camps have been set up by the state government to check and take care of the migrants coming from outside states, which are being investigated. The court then appointed a court commissioner for the relief camp. The next hearing in the case will be held next week.

Migrants are facing opposition in many places in the state
If the migrants, who are returning after facing thousands of difficulties, are facing opposition in many places in the state, then there is the fear behind the Corona infection. Lack of facilities at the village level is also increasing this fear.

As the lockdown began, such videos were floating in typical Garhwali on social media. In which women were instructing the migrants not to return. After this, the government gave the formula of social distancing regarding Corona.

Experts say that fear of the law was also resorted to following social distancing. By announcing the right to take action against those who disobeyed the village headmen in the state, the government gave vent to this fear.

In such a situation, there is also a fear of corona infection in villages. According to a village head, there is no proper system to check who is coming from outside and who is not corona. In such a situation, every visitor of the village is also watching with suspicion.

Government also increased fear
Lack of facilities in villages is also increasing this fear. According to Jot Singh Bisht, convenor of Panchayat Adhikar Manch, the difference between village and city should be understood. There is no separate arrangement for every person in the village to take a bath and other needs. The entire family uses a single bathhouse.

In such a situation, even if someone is quarantined, the whole family is at risk of infection. Secondly, there is not enough system to do quarantine at the community level in the village. In many places, the Panchayat houses are worth living by a few people. The condition of many schools is already bad.

The villages have also been affected by the government’s fears that about 25,000 migrants may be infected. It is believed that most of the migrants are infected and treatment facilities are not available even in the cities, then what about the villages.

Trouble for Gram Pradhan too
The government said that ten thousand rupees will be given from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Similarly, the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs also said that money is being given to Gram Pradhan. The Gram Pradhan says that they did not receive any separate funds. In such a situation, the princes are now being targeted for the displeasure of the people of the village. People complain that Pradhan is not spending money.

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