Once again a couple had to bear the brunt of the lack of health facilities in the mountain

Once again a couple had to bear the brunt of the lack of health facilities in the mountain
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Champawat. Due to the lack of health facilities in the mountain, people have to face severe difficulties, if we talk about the newborns, then there is no facility of any kind for the newborn here. The family often remains worried about the newborn, while in the meantime, now once again due to lack of health services, a couple had to wander from one hospital to another for the treatment of their child. As soon as the newborn was seen after pleading in front of the doctors in the district hospital, he was referred, saying that there was no New Born Stabilization Unit (NBSU).

Geeta Devi, the wife of Rajesh Kumar, a resident of Raikot Mahar of Lohaghat, gave birth to the baby at six o’clock in the morning at the Lohaghat sub-district hospital. Rajesh told that the weight of the baby was one kilogram whereas the normal weight ranges from 2.800 kg to 3.200 kg.

The newborn from Lohaghat was referred to Champawat district hospital after two hours of birth. Geeta Devi told that in the district hospital she was asked to showroom number 40 and sometimes number 41. Later they were asked to take the infant to Sushila Tiwari Hospital in Higher Center Haldwani but the family members took the infant back to their village Raikot Mehar instead of Haldwani. Rajesh told that the infant is getting weak due to not drinking milk. No stone was left unturned in the treatment of the newborn, but due to the non-availability of the New Born Stabilization Unit, the newborn had to be referred.

Lack of money coming in the way of treatment
The weight of the newborn son of Geeta Devi of Raikot Mahar of Lohaghat is one-third less than the average weight. Due to low weight and weakness, the higher center was referred from the district hospital, but the relatives did not take the newborn to Sushila Tiwari Hospital in Haldwani or any other major hospital but brought it back to the village. Father Rajesh says that he does not have an Ayushman card. Their financial condition is also not such that they can afford the treatment. So he thought it better to come back instead of going to Haldwani. Rajesh says that the baby is not drinking mother’s milk. This is getting weaker. Relatives say that if the problem does not subside, they will show Lohaghat Hospital.

Trouble due to non-availability of New Born Stabilization Unit

There are pediatricians in all the three major hospitals of the district including the district hospital in Champawat district, but the problems are not less due to lack of equipment and NBSUs. In the district hospital also, the newborn who came from Raikot Mahar of Lohaghat had to be referred due to a lack of NBSU. Pediatrician Dr. Vivek Kumar says that this unit has a special use in the treatment of newborns after delivery. In addition to low birth weight babies, NBSU is helpful in treating premature babies, babies with respiratory problems, jaundice, or diarrhea. This unit consists of Radiant Warmer, Photo Therapy Unit, Ventilator, etc. In-charge CMO Dr. Indrajit Pandey says that the proposal of NBSU will be sent.

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