Great Initiative For Cleanliness In Uttarakhand… Bring 3 KG Of Garbage, Eat A Lot Of Food

Great Initiative For Cleanliness In Uttarakhand… Bring 3 KG Of Garbage, Eat A Lot Of Food

Those who bring 3 kg of garbage will get a coupon for full food. This will enable poor-hungry people to collect garbage and get food coupons. This is a great initiative for cleanliness in Uttarakhand.

Kashipur, the industrial city of Uttarakhand… Kashipur is constantly advancing in the field of industries, but as the city’s population is increasing, garbage and filth piles are also increasing. Kashipur was ranked 294th in the survey of Swachh Bharat Mission. The matter is serious, that is why the Kashipur Municipal Corporation has come up to bring the city to the top three positions. For this, the Municipal Corporation has made a unique plan. This plan will clean the city, poor people will also get food. Now you will think about what is the connection between litter and food, let us tell. Kashipur Municipal Corporation will give food coupons to anyone bringing 3 kg of garbage. In lieu of this coupon, people will get full food. This is a wonderful initiative to maintain cleanliness in Uttarakhand. Municipal Corporation Mayor Usha Chaudhary said that people are being made aware to not spread dirt on the road. Know further about this special thing

The waste disposal team is also doing its work. Now we want to connect the common people with the cleanliness mission. Under the new scheme, a coupon will be given to people who bring 3 kg of garbage in Kashipur. Through which poor-hungry people will collect garbage and get food coupons. The plan will provide food to the people who are happy for the bread of June 2. The city will also be clean. People who bring the garbage can get full food by showing coupons. Let us tell you that new methods are being adopted for the disposal of garbage and plastic waste in Uttarakhand. A few days ago the Roorkee administration had installed a plastic glove machine in the area, which is also giving people a chance to earn Rs. In this machine, the person who crushes the bottle will get Rs 5 per bottle. These five rupees will directly reach the account through Paytm. This is good news for maintaining cleanliness in Uttarakhand.

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