Black Fungus: This new enemy is snatching the eyes of those who beat Covid

Black Fungus: This new enemy is snatching the eyes of those who beat Covid

A new enemy has now arisen for those who have overcome the Covid infection. Black fungus (mucormycosis) is snatching the eyesight of healthy covid infected. Not only this, but the black fungus also damages skin, nose, teeth along eyes. Black fungus is also killing people by reaching the lungs and brain through the nose. It is such a serious disease that patients have to be admitted directly to the ICU.

Senior ophthalmologist Dr. Raje Negi said that the first nine days of Covid infection are very important. In such a situation, patients may fall prey to black fungus (mucormycosis) due to a lack of immunity. He said that this fungus with eyes is very dangerous for the skin, nose, lungs, and brain. They reported that steroids, antibiotics, and antifungal drugs are given to the Covid patient in the hospital.

Prolonged use of these drugs increases the chances of getting hold of black fungus. Dr. Raje Negi said that even if the infection reaches the lungs and brain via the nose, it can also prove to be fatal. He said that at present, there have been cases of black fungus in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, and Delhi. Many people have died due to black fungus.

How the infection is detected
Ophthalmologist Dr. Raje Singh said that a CT scan of the patient’s chest and the head is done to check for black fungus (mucormycosis). As the name of infection shows, blackness is seen in the chest or head in CT scan. Most diabetes, kidney, high sugar level patients are more likely to get the infection. Many patients lose their eyesight in this disease. Some patients have jaw and nasal bone tingling. If the infection is not controlled in time, it can also result in the death of the patient.

Signs of infection
Eye and nose redness, fever, headache, cough, shortness of breath, vomiting of blood, mental state changes.

How to be safe from infection
– Keep blood sugar level in check, with control.
– Take steroids carefully if needed.
– Use clean water during oxygen therapy.
– Use antibiotics and antifungal medicines carefully.
– Whenever you go out, do wear a mask.
– While working in the garden, wear shoes and gloves.
– Contact the doctor immediately if you have suspected symptoms.

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