Big Decision of Health Department Regarding Uttarakhand Diploma Pharmacists Association

Big Decision of Health Department Regarding Uttarakhand Diploma Pharmacists Association

The Directorate General of Health, Uttarakhand has taken a big decision regarding the Diploma Pharmacists Association. The Directorate General of Health has banned both groups of Uttarakhand Diploma Pharmacists Association from doing any work related to the association. The letter has been sent to the government to decide which party is legal in both. Let us tell you that two working committees have been working on the same accreditation and one registration number of recognized diploma pharmacists association for the last 2 years. Both of them are being described as genuine pharmacists association. This has led to confusion in front of the Directorate General.

The Diploma Pharmacists Association is divided into Semwal and Panwar faction. On 14 January 2018, in the State session held in Dehradun, two were torn in the Diploma Pharmacists Association. In a letter to the government, the Directorate has stated that correspondence was made from time to time to the Directorate General by two separate executive officers in the recognized organization of the Pharmacist cadre. Due to this, records were sought by the Directorate from the presidents of both the parties, S P Semwal and Pratap Singh Pawar respectively to test their legality. From the records received from both sides, the Directorate General could not decide which party is valid and which is illegal.

Ban on organizational activities of both groups
The Pharmacists Association has been recognized by the regime. Therefore, the Directorate General has sent the matter to the Government to decide the lawful and illegal. Now, even the two-year term of these two working committees has been completed. In such a situation, the Directorate General has prohibited them from seeking leave for re-election. So that no faction can take elections on leave. It has also been decided in the meeting of the Directorate that until a decision is received from the government. Till then both groups cannot be allowed or allowed to do any work related to the union.

Whoever raised the voice turned it out
The State session of the Diploma Pharmacists Association was held on 5 May 2013 in Bageshwar, the 2-year fixed term of the State Working Committee elected in this session was completed on 4 May 2015. Even after the completion of the term, this working committee remained in the posts till 14 January 2018. The members who questioned the legality of that working committee were shown the way out of the union by that working committee. Then their lifetime members demanded from the Directorate General of Health that fair elections of the union should be conducted under the supervision of the departmental supervisor. On 14 January 2018, when the union elections were held under the supervision of a departmental supervisor and hundreds of members were denied voting, the union was torn apart on that day. And 22 Working Committees took oath in the name of the Union. One faction headed by SP Semwal and the other faction president Pratap Singh Pawar.

Now the government will decide the real and fake
When two Working Committees started filing letters from the Directorate General, in September 2018, the Directorate directed both sides to prove their legitimacy within 1 week. The Working Committee of Chairman SP Semwal submitted documents of its validity in September 2018 and he was again asked to submit the records within 3 days in January 2019 if Chairman Pawar’s Working Committee did not submit the records. On the basis of records submitted by both the parties, the Directorate could not decide which working committee is valid.

The solution can be obtained like this
A similar case was also registered in the ANM in the year 2015. While giving the decision on this, the government had banned the activities of both the groups and ordered fresh elections to be held simultaneously. A similar decision is expected for the Diploma Pharmacist Association.

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