After the completion of Kanwar Mela, thousands of tons of dirt were left in Dharmanagari

After the completion of Kanwar Mela, thousands of tons of dirt were left in Dharmanagari
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There are heaps of garbage in all the areas along the Ganges Ghats

Haridwar. The Kanwar fair is over, but crores of Kanwariyas who have reached Dharmanagari have left thousands of tons of dirt. Along with the Ganga Ghats, there are heaps of garbage and plastic foil in all the areas. Dirt is spread on the banks of Rodibelwala, Pantadweep, and Ganges. The smell is bad. There is also the risk of spreading infectious diseases. According to the administration’s claim, more than three crore Kanwariyas have reached Haridwar in the Kanwar Mela.

Compared to the influx of kanwariyas, there was no facility like a toilet. Due to this, the Kanwariyas were littering the banks of the Ganges including Rodibelwala, North Haridwar, Pantdweep Parking, and Bairagi Camp. Apart from dirt, there are heaps of garbage and plastic everywhere. The Ganga Ghats are also full of garbage.

The city generates 150 to 200 metric tonnes of garbage daily on normal days. Whereas during the bathing festival, up to 400 metric tons of garbage are generated in a day. Now after the gathering of Kanwariyas at the Kanwar fair, the garbage spread in the Ganges Ghat and all the places. To clean it, now apart from Harki Paidi and Ganga Ghats, a garbage cleaning campaign has started in the Mela area.

On Wednesday, about 500 metric tonnes of garbage were collected and lifted from Harki Paidi and adjoining ghats. These included plastic foil, empty bottles, and old clothes and slippers. After the ghats, now a campaign will be conducted in the fair area.

80 employees including Assistant Municipal Commissioner Shyam Sundar Prasad, JE Naresh Singh, Sanitation Inspector Shrikant, Sanitation Inspector Vikas Chhachhar, Sanitation Inspector Sunit, and Sanitation Inspector Vikas Chaudhary were involved in the cleanliness drive. The Municipal Commissioner said that after the Ganga Ghats, a cleanliness drive will be conducted in the rest of the Mela area. Duty of 60-60 employees has been imposed in each zone.

Municipal Commissioner Dayanand Saraswati said that a campaign to clean the Ganga Ghats and the city has been started. From Tuesday night to Wednesday, 500 metric tonnes of garbage were lifted from the Ganga Ghats. In the next one or two days, the entire city will become dirt free.

DM Vinay Shankar Pandey said that where crores of people gather together, it is natural to have some garbage piled up. The team of the Municipal Corporation is working round the clock to improve the cleanliness situation in the city.

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