After All, How Did Russia Make The World’s First Corona Vaccine So Soon, Know The Reason Behind It

After All, How Did Russia Make The World’s First Corona Vaccine So Soon, Know The Reason Behind It

The world’s first corona vaccine is produced in Moscow’s Gamalya Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. Russia made the vaccine in a very secret way. On the one hand, while other countries were giving information about each phase of experiments and development regarding the vaccine, Russia was carrying out this work in a very secret manner. Meanwhile, the first phase of human trials on the vaccine started in June.

Experiment on two different types of vaccines
According to Sputnik’s report, initially, labs in Moscow were experimenting on two different types of vaccines, one as a liquid and one as a powder. The initial trial consisted of two groups, each with 38 participants. Some of these were vaccinated, while some were placed under the Placebo effect. That is, giving them something simple, they were expressed as if they were being given medicine.

Russia kept the trial a secret
While other countries were monitoring most of the people involved in the trial from home, Russia did this work in a very secretive manner. He first examined each participant separately. Subsequently, the Russian Medical University of Russia, Sechnoff, conducted trials and reportedly considered the vaccine safe for humans. In two trials, the vaccine has been tried and in July itself, the participants have been discharged from the hospital.

Controversy over vaccine
However, the US and UK government have also accused Russia of stealing Corona’s data. But this charge turned out to be baseless. The reason behind this suspicion is the creation of the vaccine so soon. Another controversy has come about that Russia has made the vaccine without completing the trial. In this regard, Russia says that its two trials were completely successful, so he is registering the vaccine.

Russia will register the vaccine from 10-12 August
According to a Bloomberg report, he will register the vaccine by August 10-12. It will be in front of the world from then on. With approval, Russia will prepare a dose for its citizens within a week. According to the information, Russia will talk to other countries for approval in September. It is believed that 4 to 5 crore population of Russia will have to be vaccinated for herd immunity. Since it is not possible to make such a vaccine together, Russia will give the vaccine on a priority basis.

America refused to take Russia’s vaccine
The United States most affected by the Corona epidemic has refused to take Russia’s vaccine. American infectious disease specialist Anthony Fossey, while making this statement, said that he would not take the Corona vaccine from both Russia and China because both countries had no transparency about it.

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