Woman policeman put foot on a pregnant female employee’s stomach

Woman policeman put foot on a pregnant female employee’s stomach
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Dehradun. Health workers who were hired through outsourcing during the Corona period and now fired, on Monday, to demand an extension of service, a woman policeman stepped on the stomach of a pregnant woman employee, who was traveling towards the Chief Minister’s residence, due to which her condition It got spoiled.

Let us inform you that during the Corona period, the health workers who were hired through outsourcing and now removed, traveled towards the Chief Minister’s residence on Monday demanding an extension of service, during which the police administration built the Hathibarkala Gate long before the Chief Minister’s residence. The employees were stopped by putting barricades in front. In protest, the employees sat there on a dharna. During this, there was jam on both sides. The police administration tried to forcibly lift the Corona warriors. During this, when the Corona warriors protested, there was a scuffle, scuffles, and sharp fights between the police and the employees.

The police sent more than 100 outsourced employees to the police lines by filling them in PSC trucks. In this scuffle, an outsourced pregnant female employee, and another female employee got injured. The employees allege that the woman policeman set foot on the pregnant woman employee’s stomach. Due to this, his health got worse. She is vomiting continuously. The pregnant woman was taken to the Emergency of Government Doon Medical College Hospital for treatment by fellow employees. Where the doctors refused to admit him.

Outsourced employees say that in the same hospital where they served Corona patients, one of their fellow pregnant women is not being admitted due to a deteriorating condition. Now he has been referred to Coronation Government District Hospital. Meanwhile, another injured female employee is also being taken to Coronation Hospital. There is resentment among the employees against the government and the administration and the police.

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