Uttarakhand Is Becoming The New Hub of Film Shooting, More Than 60 Applications Received During The Covid Period

Uttarakhand Is Becoming The New Hub of Film Shooting, More Than 60 Applications Received During The Covid Period

During the Covid period, more than 60 applications were sent to the Uttarakhand Government for the shooting of films, videos, and advertisements. According to the Uttarakhand Film Development Council, the council is receiving two shooting applications every day. The state government is also excited by the increasing interest of filmmakers in the state’s location.

Council’s nodal officer KS Chauhan attributes this to the film policy of the state. There are many incentives in the Chauhan policy and the confidence has been instilled in the film world on behalf of the Chief Minister and the state government officials that a favorable environment will be provided for shooting in the location of Uttarakhand. On May 20, the state government issued an SOP regarding the shooting of the film. After this, the filmmakers turned to Uttarakhand rapidly.

This is the reason for the attraction of filmmakers

  • There is a subsidy of Rs 1.5 crore for shooting 75 percent of the film in the state location
  • 20 lakh rupees for Garhwali and Kumaoni language films
  • The Department of Tourism and the government guest house have a 50 percent concession to the film unit during the shooting.
  • 30 percent GST on tickets for film screenings in Uttarakhand
  • Five police personnel are provided free of charge during the shooting.

Shahid Kapoor and Mrinal Thakur expressed gratitude on Twitter
Bollywood famous actor Shahid Kapoor and actress Mrinal Thakur shared the experience of shooting at the location of Uttarakhand on Twitter. He expressed his happiness through a message on Twitter. He is here for the last 15 days in connection with the shooting of the Jersey film. He thanked the Uttarakhand government for helping in the shooting.

During the lockdown, the council received 61 applications for shooting films, advertisements, music videos, web series, songs in Garhwali, and other regional languages. On average, we are receiving two applications every day. In the last three years, the Uttarakhand government has won the trust of film directors. Uttarakhand is becoming a new destination for film shooting.
– KS Chauhan, Nodal Officer, Uttarakhand Film Development Council

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