The picture of rural tourism is changing with the homestay scheme of the Trivendra government

The picture of rural tourism is changing with the homestay scheme of the Trivendra government

Dehradun. The visionary policies of the Trivendra government are not only bringing revolutionary changes in the lives of the people of the state but due to these schemes, the people of the mountain are earning a livelihood by staying in the mountain. One of such schemes is the homestay scheme. The home-stay scheme is proving to be a boon, especially for the hill districts. So far, more than 2200 homestays have been registered under the scheme.

The home-stay scheme has been started by the Trivendra government with the aim of connecting tourism with self-employment and preventing migration in Uttarakhand. Under the Home Stay Scheme, people can take advantage of the scheme either by changing their old houses or by constructing new ones. Most importantly, through the homestay scheme, the government is also able to develop new tourist spots where tourists were not able to reach till today. When tourists are reaching remote villages, they not only feel an immense peace, they are also feeling the atmosphere like home. It is the specialty of this scheme that people from outside are also getting a chance to understand the culture of Uttarakhand. Through the scheme, a different kind of intimate relationship between tourists and villagers is developing.

It is a matter of fact that a target has been set to establish five thousand homestays by the state government. Out of which more than 2200 homestays have been established. There should be one to six rooms for tourists in the homestay. SGST will be paid through the tourism department for three years after registration. Also, electricity, water, and building tax will be charged at domestic rates. In the mountainous areas, this government is giving a grant of 33 percent i.e. ten million, and in the plains 25 percent i.e. seven and a half lakh subsidy.

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