The fashion show will be decorated in Mumbai on 29th with the clothes of handloom artisans

The fashion show will be decorated in Mumbai on 29th with the clothes of handloom artisans
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Indore. A special fashion show is being organized by the Department of Cottage and Village Industries in Mumbai on 29th April with the objective of taking the handlooms of Madhya Pradesh to the country and the world. In this event, eminent artists and models of the film world will present costumes of Chanderi, Maheshwari, Bagh, Batik, and Nandana prints. Given this information, Department’s Principal Secretary Smit Bhardwaj said that the condition of the handloom industry is bad. The artisans are in trouble. This is the time to extend a helping hand to them. That is why if his art has to be presented at the international level also, then we will do so so that he can get a fair price for his art.

PS Bhardwaj, who interacted with reporters on Sunday, said that the PM is giving the slogan of Local for Vocal. That is why it is necessary to encourage handloom in this. The cost of handloom cloth may be slightly higher than the cloth made in power loom, but my appeal is that people must buy one meter of khadi or handloom cloth in a year. It is our traditional identity that is fading away. It is our responsibility to save it. Departmental MD Anubha Srivastava said that Mrignayani Emporium has selected handloom cloth which designs clothes for eminent personalities.

Designer Mumtaz Khan explains how to make shirts, kurtas, jackets, and sherwanis with tiger prints. Which is in demand today. Nandana Expert Sadhna Vyas said that Nandana used to do 100 families earlier, now only two are doing it. Now is the time to think about them. Otherwise, the art will perish. In the event related to Lata Mangeshkar Smriti, Bharadwaj of Madhya Pradesh informed that a special concert is being organized in the memory of Lata Mangeshkar in which all the artists who will wear clothes will be from Madhya Pradesh. I will print it here. The program will air in several episodes on the TV channel.

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