The breath of 11 tourists stuck in the air for 6 hours at a height of 150 feet

The breath of 11 tourists stuck in the air for 6 hours at a height of 150 feet
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CM Jairam Thakur said that the matter will be investigated

Shimla. All 11 tourists stranded due to a technical snag in the ropeway of TTR Hotel, Parwanoo, the gateway to Himachal Pradesh, have been safely rescued. For about six hours, the breath of 11 tourists trapped at a height of 150 feet remained stuck in the air. Among them were women, the elderly, and many BP patients. The stranded tourists included 10 people from the same family. The tourists trapped in the trolley also made a video and took it to the hotel management. Through the video, the tourists requested the management to save them safely at the earliest.

Several tourists said they were getting nervous. There was also displeasure among the tourists as the management did not start the rescue operation soon. The elderly tourist said that he has a BP complaint and is getting nervous. Said how women and patients will get down from the rope? Tourists alleged that the hotel management did not have any security arrangements, even drinking water arrived hours later. According to the information, the tourists got trapped in the trolley while returning from the hotel at around 10.30 in the morning and after about six hours at around 4.30 in the evening, all were rescued safely with the help of rope. Let us tell you that the TTR Hotel built on the hill can be reached only by ropeway.

When tourists were coming towards Parwanoo from Hotel Moksha by cable car, suddenly the trolley got stuck in the middle. Due to this, the breath of 11 people sitting on the trolley got stuck in the air. First of all, four people including a woman were evacuated. After this others were rescued. Tourists trapped in trolley. ASP Solan Ashok Verma said that all the people have been evacuated. Onkar Chand Sharma, Principal Secretary, Himachal Pradesh Disaster Management Department said that all the tourists have been evacuated safely.

CM Jai Ram Thakur also left for Parwanoo after receiving information about the tourists being trapped in the trolley. During this, he talked to tourists. Said that NDRF, local administration, and hotel team evacuated all the passengers safely. He said that the matter would be investigated. If any negligence is noticed then appropriate action will be taken. It is noteworthy that on October 13, 1992, there was an accident on Parwanoo Timber Trail. Only the car carrying 10 passengers suddenly broke down and all the people were hanging in the air at a height of 1300 feet. The rescue operation was carried out for two days from a Mi-17 helicopter.

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