Husband drives 1,300 km scooter so that pregnant wife can give exam

Husband drives 1,300 km scooter so that pregnant wife can give exam

What is the work that you want to do and that cannot be completed? If the mind is determined to complete the work, then in difficult times, all the tasks are easily done. An example of this is a married couple from Jharkhand, in which the husband seated his pregnant wife and drove a 1,300 km scooter so that the wife’s examination would not be missed.

Actually, Dasharatha and Soni Manjhi are residents of Gantatola village in Jharkhand, both of them started their ride on 28 August and reached Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh on 30 August. Soni Manjhi remained seated behind her husband on this entire journey so that she could take the exam for the second year of her diploma. As there was no money for the journey, Sony had to mortgage his jewelry.

Soni Manjhi is pregnant and it has been seven months since both of them left their house using a raincoat. Though Dasharatha was not in favor of this, Sony did not want to waste a year. Dasharatha reveals that she is a school dropout and Sony has completed her one year.

Dasharatha wants Soni to fulfill her dreams and make her career. Dasharatha says that after completing her studies, Soni will become a teacher in a school and after two months we can improve further in the future of the new person in our life. On this, Soni says that I can face any problem with the support of my husband. They have been married for nine months.

Dasharatha is 37 years old and works in a catering company. Dasharatha told that trains are not running and taxis are charging 25 to 30 thousand rupees. We cannot pay this much rent, so we decided to come to Gwalior by scooter because it is very important for Sony to take this exam.

Dasaratha said that he had received several calls from the Chief Minister’s Office. The Government of Madhya Pradesh talked about helping them return to Jharkhand. The state government will provide air tickets for both of them and send them to Delhi, after which transport will be arranged to go from Delhi to the village of Jharkhand. Dasaratha told that his scooter will be delivered to them through railway parcels.

Dasaratha’s monthly income is only nine thousand rupees, despite having such a low income, Dasharatha’s motives are big, due to which he brought Soni to Gwalior to get the exam. Dasaratha and Soni did not have much money, so they started living in a small house for ten days, the rent of which was Rs 1,500. Dashrath told that he could not stay in the hotel.

Dasharatha and Soni have come for their journey by mortgaging their jewels and in this journey, they have already charged Rs 2,000 petrol. On the first night, Dasharatha and Soni slept in a tent but on the second day, both spent a night in a garden near Lucknow Express Way to ease the pain in the waist.

Soni said that the most fear was felt in the state of Bihar because there was water on the roads and there was no one else on the way. Soni told that she had lost her father at a young age, now all she has is her husband and she is very impressed by her husband’s bravery.

Dashrath told that he had only one raincoat, which Dashrath was wearing so that Soni could also be safe from him. But there came a time when it rained heavily and we could not see anything. At that time we started resting near a tree for three hours and then after the rain stopped.

Dashrath told that when Soni started worrying about her baby girl, she asked to trust God. Sony has yet to take seven exams. Gwalior Collector Kaushalendra Singh said that he has ordered health and administrative officials to look after Dasharatha and Soni.

The district administration has given five thousand rupees as immediate relief to the couple and has also given instructions to get Sony’s USG test done on Sunday so that information about the health of the child can be obtained.

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