Will Request The Prime Minister To Hand Over The important Tourism Place Chautrasi Kutiya To The Tourism Department : Satpal Maharaj

Will Request The Prime Minister To Hand Over The important Tourism Place Chautrasi Kutiya To The Tourism Department : Satpal Maharaj

Instructions to the officials to start tourism activities in Niti Valley after the completion of the inner line

Dehradun. In order to develop the Safari Park in Uttarakhand to promote tourism, the State Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj is in the process of developing the Chautrasi Kutiya, the song composition of Bital in Rishikesh, as a major center of tourism.

In a meeting with tourism officials at Uttarakhand Tourism Development Council, Gadikant, Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj said that apart from conducting various tourism activities in Uttarakhand, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of heritage sites.

Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj instructed the officials to make a proposal to develop the Karmabhoomi Chautrasi Kutiya of Bital in Rishikesh from the point of view of tourism. He said that he would urge the Hon’ble Prime Minister in this regard that the right of supervision of Chautrasi Kutiya should be given from the Forest Department to the Tourism Department. He told that the Chautrasi Kutiya, which is a heritage, is currently dilapidated due to lack of maintenance. If the tourism department gets the responsibility, then we can preserve it as Word Heritage and attract tourists from all over the world.

Maharaj asked the officials to start work on an action plan to develop the Safari Park in the state. He said that he is engaged in efforts to negotiate with Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan to bring a white tiger from there to Uttarakhand. He instructed the tourism authorities that since now the inner line in Niti Valley is over, from March 2021, he should pay attention to the visit of Timbersain Mahadev along with the preparations to conduct tourism activities in Niti Valley. Along with this, the Tourism Minister asked the officials to complete all the ongoing projects on time. He also gave directions to conduct programs in the last village of Uttarakhand.

Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj said that the promotion of tourism in the state should be done through audio and video so that tourists coming to Uttarakhand can get detailed information about the culture of the state. Maharaj spoke of seriously working on the process of unification of GM and KMV.

Tourism Secretary Dilip Javalkar, Additional Tourism Secretary Sonika, Additional Director Vivek Chauhan, and Poonam Chand, Deputy Director Yogendra Kumar Gangwar, SS Samant Research Officer, Tourism Additional Secretary Sonika, Manager Director Garhwal Mandal Development Corporation Ashish Chauhan, MD KMVN, Additional Chief Executive Officer UTDB Rohit Meena and other tourism departmental officers were present.

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