Not only Kim Jong-un, but many North Korean leaders and officials have also suddenly disappeared

Not only Kim Jong-un, but many North Korean leaders and officials have also suddenly disappeared

North Korean dictator Kim Jong has not appeared anywhere since the last two weeks, triggering a lot of speculation. First, the news came that he was seriously ill, then China sent a team of experts, doctors to advise him on his health and now South Korea has been told that he is completely healthy and alive. However, this is not the first time that a North Korean leader has disappeared from the public eye in this manner. Let us tell you about the officers and leaders of this disconnected country from whom many rumors have been raised.

Before the death of Kim Il Sung in 1994, the people of South Korea feared and hated him the most. In June 1950, South Korea was suddenly attacked by the forces of the founder of North Korea. Leading to a catastrophic war that was halted by the US and Chinese intervention. Three years after the war millions of people who fought the battle were killed.

He sent commandos for an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate the South Korean president in 1968 and planted bombs during a 1983 visit to the President of Myanmar that killed 21 people, including South Korean cabinet ministers. In 1986, when the South Korean newspaper reported his death, people breathed a few hours of relief, but he also began to fear instability on the border.

Once South Korean newspaper Chosun published the news quoting its Tokyo correspondent that Kim 2 Sung had died. Subsequently, many newspapers published such reports, but shortly after, Sung was seen alive in Pyongyang, the country’s capital, and welcoming the Mongolian delegation. The newspaper later had to apologize for this.

Hyeon Song Wol
Chosun also apologized for a 2013 report stating that North Korean singer and senior ruling party member Hyun Soong Wole had been killed. Hyon appeared in public in May 2014 and is now considered the most powerful woman in North Korea. She has attended several international summits with Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Il
There were many rumors and reports about Kim Jong Un’s father Kim Jong Il’s demise. In 2004 there were reports of an explosion at the North Korean train station on the border with China. Which gave rise to rumors of his assassination attempt as Il passed through this route on his way back from Beijing. Several thousand people died due to the collision of two fuel carrying trains. However, his journey through this route was never confirmed.

In 2008, news of Kim Jong 2’s death from stroke came to light. Which could never be confirmed. When Kim Jong-2 died in December 2011 after deteriorating health and distance from public events, the outside world had no idea about it. However, it was announced by the North Korean media two days later.

Kim Kyong Hui
Many rumors arose about the death of Kim Jong-2’s once-powerful sister Kim Kyong Hui. In 2015, CNN quoted a man fleeing North Korea as saying that Kim Jong Un had poisoned and killed him. Nearly six years later, the 73-year-old was seen sitting near her nephew during a concert.

Ri Yong Gill
In 2016, South Korean media quoted intelligence officials as saying that Kim killed the former military chief over corruption and other charges. But only a few months later, the North Korean media reported that Ri Yong Gil was alive and serving in many large positions.

Kim Jong Un
For the past few weeks, Kim Jong Un has been told that he is seriously ill or fully recovered after heart surgery. Whether or not this surgery has been done is not confirmed. In 2014, Kim was out of sight for nearly six weeks. The South Korean detective agency then stated that the cyst had been removed from his knee.

Kim Jong was last seen on April 11, 2020. When he chaired a ruling party meeting on the prevention of coronavirus. He did not attend his grandfather’s birthday celebration on April 15 for the first time since assuming power in 2011. After which many rumors started about him.

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