Follow these methods to keep the sofa clean and new

Follow these methods to keep the sofa clean and new
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Sofas come very expensively, so once we buy them, we do not consider replacing them for years and years. For this, it is necessary that the sofa should last for a long time, but this is possible only if you use it properly and pay attention to its cleanliness. Let us tell you some such methods, by adopting which you can easily keep your sofa clean and new.

Clean the sofa with a vacuum cleaner once a week
If you clean your sofa only once or twice a year, then it can affect its shelf life. That’s why you must clean your sofa at least once a week. You can use a vacuum cleaner for this. It will protect your sofa from dirt, dust mites, insects and pet hair, etc. that can harm you.

cover the sofa with a blanket or sleepover
To keep the sofa clean and like new, it is important to protect it from dirt and dust, so cover your sofa with a nice and soft blanket. You can also cover your sofa with a slipcover instead of a blanket, as it is easily washable in the washing machine. By the way, there are many types of sofa covers available in the market nowadays, which you can buy according to your need.

Avoid sitting in the same place all the time
Many people repeat this mistake many times. Actually, people are used to sitting on a certain place on the sofa and whenever they use the sofa, they sit on the same place again and again, due to which it can deteriorate from that place. Sometimes it happens that the sofa gets pressed from one side and then it does not look good. So every day sit on the couch alternately.

Dry cleaning is also a good option
If you think that you cannot clean the sofa well at home, then do not clean it at home and get it dry cleaned. While dry cleaning removes dirt and stains, it doesn’t do much damage to the sofa. However, this can be a costly option, so you can go for other options instead of opting for this one.

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