First Oxygen Bar Opened In Delhi, Take 15 Minutes Of Pure Air Just Rs 299

First Oxygen Bar Opened In Delhi, Take 15 Minutes Of Pure Air Just Rs 299

Most people start thinking of a beer bar or dance bar as soon as the name of the word bar comes on the tongue. For your information, let us know that the bar that is opened in Delhi, the capital of the country, is different from these two. The Discussions of this time are becoming very popular on social media nowadays. Everyone is eager to know about this Bar. Yes, the bar which is open in Delhi will provide pure air to the people.

Everyone knows the importance of breath to live life. In the last few days, Delhi’s air is becoming increasingly toxic. A large number of people are moving towards the hill states. For those who cannot go for any reason, this oxygen bar is selling pure air. This is the first experiment in Delhi, the country’s capital, on the lines of foreign countries. The reason behind this is being said to be increasing pollution. It is being claimed that this Oxy Pure Bar selling pure air to the people is the first of its kind in Delhi-NCR.

Country’s First Oxygen Bar in Delhi
Let us know that this Oxy Pure Bar opened in May 2019. Since its opening, this Oxy Pure Bar has been receiving a good response from the people of Delhi. Speaking to the media, Bonnie, the Director of Oxy Pure Bar, says that he saw this concept while traveling abroad. For the past several months, Delhi’s air has become increasingly toxic. After which he got the idea that the Oxy bar of this method should be opened in Delhi too. Where people can get pure air.

Musical Environment and Pure Air in 15 Minutes Just Rs 299
Bonnie, director of Oxy Bar tells the media we are charged here for half an hour. In this half an hour you will get to listen to music along with pure air. Those who have less time can avail of pure air for 15 minutes in a musical environment for just Rs 299.

Stay Away From Diseases Like Asthma or Bronchitis
Bonnie, director of Oxy Bar tells us, that those who peoples come here we are firstly told about this oxy pure. If someone has a disease like asthma or bronchitis, then we refuse those people. Oxy bars take complete precautions.

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