Dry winds gave air to forest fire, forest blazed at seven places in 24 hours

Dry winds gave air to forest fire, forest blazed at seven places in 24 hours
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Dehradun. Dry winds are fueling forest fires in Uttarakhand. Forests have caught fire at seven places in the last 24 hours. While more than 23 incidents of forest fire have been recorded in four days. Of these, more than 25 hectares of forest have been burnt. There is only support for rain in the coming days. If there is no rain, dry winds coupled with heat can lead to an increase in fire incidents. According to the report issued by the Forest Department’s Wing, Forest Fire, and Disaster Management Department, in the last 24 hours, there have been five incidents of forest fire in Garhwal, one in Kumaon, and one in protected wildlife areas.

Of these, about 7.3 hectares of the forest area have been damaged. While the loss of Rs 5 thousand 380 has been assessed. So far, 331 forest fires have broken out during the current forest fire period, in which 405 hectares of forest area have been damaged. While there has been an economic loss of more than Rs 11 lakh. So far two people have died and two people have been injured in forest fire incidents. Efforts are being made at every level to control forest fires in the state. This time some new experiments have also been done to extinguish the forest fires, which are getting success. The focus of the department is to reduce the response time so that the fire can be prevented from spreading.

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