When Will The Coronavirus Vaccine Arrive And How Much Will It Cost?

When Will The Coronavirus Vaccine Arrive And How Much Will It Cost?

The first case of corona infection was reported in December last year in Wuhan, China, after which the virus started spreading rapidly to other countries of the world. Worldwide, cases of coronavirus infection have now exceeded 26.6 million and the number of deaths from this virus is more than 8 lakh 75 thousand. But so far no effective vaccine has been developed to deal with this.

On 11 August this year, Russia registered the first vaccine of Kovid-19 and named it Sputnik V. Russia says it has achieved a major success in medical science. But critics claim that this vaccine has not passed through the third phase of the clinical trial and therefore cannot be believed that the vaccine will work.

But efforts are being made to make the corona vaccine in many countries around the world. According to the World Health Organization, 34 companies are producing the Corona vaccine, and seven of these Phase III clinical trials are underway. At the same time, vaccines of three companies have reached the second phase of clinical trials.

According to the organization, 142 companies are also making vaccines and have reached the pre-clinical level so far. According to World Health Organization Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan, the Oxford University vaccine that AstraZeneca is making on a large scale is the most advanced vaccine ever made.

BBC Health and Science correspondent James Gallagher say that according to experts, the coronavirus vaccine will be available to people by the middle of 2021. However, James also says that four viruses in the Coronavirus family are already present among humans and no vaccine has yet been developed to protect them.

Amidst reports of the formation of the Corona vaccine, now common people, including scientists, hope that the vaccine will come in a few months. But they are worried about the price. Scientists are also currently worried about how many doses of the vaccine will have to be taken to keep the coronavirus away, that is, how many times.

What is known about the vaccine price so far
AstraZeneca vaccine
Oxford University’s vaccine-producing company AstraZeneca has said that it will provide the Corona vaccine to people at a lower cost and will try not to profit from it. The head of the company said in Mexico last month that the vaccine price in Latin America would be less than $ 4 per dose.

Serum Institute, which is making this vaccine on a big scale in India, has said that the cost of this vaccine for India and developing countries will be around three dollars i.e. 220 rupees.

At the same time, the Health Ministry of Italy said that in Europe it can cost up to 2.5 Euros. Australia also tied up with AstraZeneca for the Corona vaccine in August. The country’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison says that he will give the Corona vaccine to all his citizens for free. Nothing has been said on what price the government will pay for this.

Sanofi Pasteur’s Vaccine
Olivier Bogilot, head of Sanofi in France, said on Saturday that his future Kovid-19 vaccine could be priced below 10 euros per dose (about Rs 900).

Bogilot told France Inter Radio, “The price is not fully determined. We are estimating the cost of production in the coming months. Our vaccine price will be less than 10 euros.”

Drug manufacturers and government agencies around the world are in the race to fight the epidemic and develop the vaccine. Regarding the lower price of Sanofi’s rival AstraZeneca’s dose, Bogilot says that the reason for the difference in prices may be that we use our internal resources. Use their own researchers and research centers. AstraZeneca outsources its production.

Chinese company Sinopharm vaccine
Liu Jingjen, chairman of the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm, said last month that the Phase III clinical trial of the vaccine that the company has been completing has been completed. He said that once the vaccine is introduced in the market, the cost of its two doses will be less than 1000 Chinese yuan (ten thousand rupees). However, experts say that the dose of vaccine should be given free of cost to health workers and students.

According to Chinese health officials, if this vaccine is included in the national vaccination campaign, then people whose names are associated with this campaign will get this vaccine at government expense. Currently, the company’s chairman Liu has taken two doses of this vaccine and says that there is no side effect of this vaccine.

Moderna’s Vaccine
In August, Moderna said that in the wake of the Corona epidemic, some consumers will provide the vaccine at a low price ranging from 33 to 37 dollars (about Rs 2,500).

Stephen Bansell, the company’s chief executive at Cambridge, said that the price of the vaccine would be kept as low as possible during the epidemic. He said that the company believes that everyone should get the vaccine in the difficult period of the epidemic and the price should not come in the way.

Pfizer vaccine
In July this year, the US government signed a $ 1.97 billion deal with Pfizer and BioNotech for the Corona vaccine. According to a report published in FirePharma, according to SVB Leerink analyst Geoffrey Porges, Pfizer and BioNotech said they were going to sell their mRNA-based corona vaccine to the US government for $ 19.50 per dose (Rs 1,500), including 60 Can benefit up to 80 percent.

The person will need two initial doses and one booster dose of this vaccine and for this, the common person may have to pay up to $ 40. At the same time, under the vaccination program, it can cost up to $ 20.

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