If you want to get rid of cold and cold, then this time take the help of yoga instead of medicines

If you want to get rid of cold and cold, then this time take the help of yoga instead of medicines

It is common to have a cold in cold weather. But this winter-cold hurts a lot. We use a variety of medicines to eliminate colds. Despite this, many times the cold does not even take its name. Therefore, do yoga this time instead of medicines and get rid of cold. There are many asanas that can be used to cure a cold and cold. Let’s know which are these postures.

Viparita Karani
By doing this asana, your cold will gradually reduce. Reverse posture is very helpful in reducing colds and colds. To do this posture, first of all, lie down on the wall. Now lift your feet slowly upwards. Keep in mind that your soles should be facing upwards and make an angle of 90 degrees. Now lift your buttock and place a pillow under it. In this state, you can stay for about five minutes.

By the practice of Matsyasana, one can easily get rid of respiratory diseases and colds. Due to deep breathing in this asana, cold-cold is overcome. To perform Matsyasana, keep your spine straight by keeping the right foot on the left foot while sitting in Dandasana. Now, with the support of your hands, lie down with your elbows at the back. The back and chest arose upward and keep the knees on the ground. Now hold your toe with your hands and keep breathing deeply. Keep in mind that your elbow should be grounded.

Lie on your back by laying a mat on the ground to perform the funeral. Now make a difference between the legs, spreading both your legs. During this time, the paws of your feet should be towards the outside and the heels should be towards the inside. Now keep both your hands at a distance of about one fit from the body. Keep your fingers in the sky and keep the neck straight. Now slowly close your eyes and slowly draw and release the breath. Close your eyes and focus on your breath and keep counting in your mind. Do one count in one breath and while doing this, count to 100 and then get up. Leaving the entire body loose while embalming.

For Padahastasana you need to stand upright. Bend with your hips and try to touch your feet with your fingers. Stay like this for a few seconds and then release them. Bending downward puts pressure on the stomach, which helps reduce abdominal fat.

amit amoli

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