There is a pain in the body after exercise, do this remedy

There is a pain in the body after exercise, do this remedy
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People do workouts to keep their fitness and body in shape. But many times people leave their fitness goals incomplete in the middle due to muscle pain after a workout. Pain after a workout is a sign that you have worked hard to repair the muscles. Sometimes this pain also goes away with continuous workouts. Your body is smart enough to let you know when your muscle repair work is over. But if your muscles remain sore even after a week of workout, then you can reduce this pain by adopting these measures.

Stretching- Muscles remain in recovery mode after a workout. Due to this, they become tight and the person starts feeling pain. To avoid this pain, do stretching slowly. This will reduce both muscle tension and pain.

Mild Massage – Massaging the sore muscles reduces the tension and increases blood circulation. Due to good blood circulation, muscle recovery is accelerated and due to this, muscle pain ends quickly.

Bathing with lukewarm water- Bathing with lukewarm water loosens the muscles and accelerates blood circulation. Better blood circulation means more oxygen and blood reaching the sore muscles. This gives quick relief from pain.

Hot or cold treatment- To get relief from muscle pain, apply an ice pack for 15 minutes in the particular place where the pain is occurring. After this, apply a hot pack to the same place for 15 minutes. Repeat this many times. After a hot-cold, blood circulation accelerates and the muscles quickly repair themselves as well as strengthen themselves.
Keep these things in mind to avoid pain

  • To avoid pain during a workout, check your body’s ability and stamina and how you can prepare yourself for exercise. Do workouts in such a way that you feel happy.
  • Second, pay special attention to your outfit while working out. Walk only wearing good shoes.
  • Make sure that your shoes have good padding so that the knees and ankles are protected. Wear clothes that are light and loose.
  • Third, if you do aerobic dance, then definitely wear knee pads.
  • Fourth, if you already have any kind of pain in your muscles, then definitely consult your doctor before starting the workout.

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