Private Clinics In Brazil Show Interest In India’s ‘Covaxin’, Agreement To Purchase 5 Million Doses

Private Clinics In Brazil Show Interest In India’s ‘Covaxin’, Agreement To Purchase 5 Million Doses

The Drugs Controller General of India on Sunday approved the emergency use of two Corona vaccines, including an indigenous vaccine named ‘Covaxine’. It has been created by Bharat Biotech Company in association with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Although questions have started to arise about how the vaccine was allowed without releasing the data for the Phase III trial, the biggest thing is that the Brazilian Private Health Clinics Association has also approved this Indian vaccine. Has shown interest in and has negotiated the purchase of 5 million doses of ‘covaxine’.

The Brazilian Association of Vaccine Clinics has confirmed on its website that it has signed an MoU with an Indian firm to purchase India’s vaccine ‘Covaxin’, which is currently in the final stages of clinical trials. However, the agreement is yet to be ratified by the Brazilian Health Regulatory Unit.

The Brazilian Association of Vaccine Clinics says that people from wealthy families in Brazil rely on this health clinic and will show interest in getting the vaccine to private clinics other than the government. The president of the association, Geraldo Barbosa, said that his agreement with India Biotech would not interfere with any of the government’s agreements, as it was being done additionally.

According to media reports, the Brazilian government has ensured the purchase of 100 million doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, but the vaccination date has not yet been announced. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has said that under the government plan, all people in Brazil will be vaccinated free of charge, who are interested.

According to reports, the Chinese vaccine in Brazil may also be approved. Recently, Brazilian researchers revealed the trial data of the Synovac Biotech vaccine and said that this vaccine is about 50% effective in Brazil. São Paulo state government officials say that this vaccine is effective enough against the coronavirus for emergency use in Brazil.

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