Four More Corona Positive Cases Declared Today, The Number Of Infected Reached 35 In The State

Four More Corona Positive Cases Declared Today, The Number Of Infected Reached 35 In The State

The people who returned from the Jamaat in Uttarakhand have increased difficulties. Corona infection has been confirmed in four more people on Wednesday. Two cases of corona infection have been reported in Haridwar and Haldwani. The two people who were found positive in Haridwar had returned from the Jamaat.
While in Haldwani, a mob and a person exposed to it have been found infected. Now there have been a total of 35 cases of corona infection in the state. Due to the increase in Corona positive cases, the infection has reached the second stage in the state.

On Wednesday, investigation reports of 101 samples came from the Medical College Haldwani and AIIMS Rishikesh. Four of them have been found to be coronavirus positive. Three infected patients gather.

While in Haldwani, there has been a case of getting infected by contact. While 97 samples have been found to be negative. Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pandey, Health Secretary in-charge said that two cases of corona positive were found from Haridwar and Haldwani. All four patients infected were admitted to the isolation ward. All those who come in contact with them will be identified and quarantined.

On April 1, the youth was quarantined in Kaliyar on the basis of symptoms. After which the young man was admitted to the isolation ward of the Civil Hospital on April 5. On April 6, AIIMS sent to AIIMS Rishikesh for examination. Whose investigation report confirmed coronavirus. He was admitted to the fair hospital late at night after the report arrived positive.

Mouhalla Panvdhoi is near Jwalapur Kotwali on Old Delhi Road. At night, the health department team went to Jwalapur with six ambulances. The team was to carry 43 deposits. But none of these were found.

CMO doctor Saroj Naithani said that now the surrounding areas are being sealed along with Mohalla Pondhoy of Jwalapur. The team along with police officers are present in Jwalapur.

A late-night corona infection in Jwalapur has been found positive. The infected youth came from the Jamaat. – Pankaj Kumar Pandey, Secretary Health in charge

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