Educational Innovation Examination of Nursing With the Simulation System in AIIMS Rishikesh

Educational Innovation Examination of Nursing With the Simulation System in AIIMS Rishikesh

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, AIIMS has been striving to improve and improve in the field of medical and care of Rishikesh patients as well as nursing education. Presently, the worldwide corona epidemic has caused a major disruption in the nursing girl’s community health training experience and examination. World-class state-of-the-art simulation facilities have been developed at the institute as a result of the far-reaching thinking of AIIMS Director Padmashree Professor Ravi Kant to ensure that such urgent problems do not create any disruption in the efficiency training. Are proving very useful in conducting quality educational activities.

In view of this, in view of the safety of girl students and people in the Institute’s College of Nursing, B.Sc. Simulated Community Health Practical Examination of (Hons) Nursing was conducted. In which skill labs created artificial rural and urban settings and the actors’ exceptional performances (Nursing College Tutor Navjit Kaur, Renu Sandhu, Priyanka Malhotra, Meenakshi Sharma, and Hemlata) added to this educational activity. In his message on the occasion, AIIMS Director Padmashree Professor Ravi Kant Ji said that the use of simulation in nursing education is a common element in the current situation. A nursing student in the care of a patient is expected to use his or her knowledge and practice as a skill. Director AIIMS Padmashree Prof. Ravi Kant said that for a long time, nurses have been practicing basic skills on each other or on mannequins. Simulation in nursing education proves to be beneficial for both students and patients and is used for training health professionals for safety, which complies with international recommendations.

Thus students’ responsibility towards clinical or community practice increases and the overall quality of care of patients improves. Director AIIMS stated that it can also be highly beneficial in community health care. According to Professor Suresh Kumar Sharma, Dean of the College of Nursing, AIIMS Rishikesh is the first institute to conduct such simulated community health nursing practical examinations in the entire country, he said that this examination system in itself is an innovation and time demand. Nursing Tutor Devnarayan, Kaliswari, Vishwas, Sharmila S., led by Dr. Rajarajeshwari, Assistant Professor (Nursing) in conducting this simulated community health nursing practical examination. And shy J. Provided support

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