Corona: Beware! Immunity booster inviting kidney and liver diseases

Corona: Beware! Immunity booster inviting kidney and liver diseases
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If you are consuming more superfoods or immunity boosters in order to increase the body’s immunity to avoid corona disease, then be careful. It should not happen that these foods that increase immunity, make you fall prey to kidney and liver diseases.

Medical experts believe that after the outbreak of the corona epidemic, many patients who are suffering from kidney and liver diseases along with allergies are coming to the OPD after excessive consumption of superfoods, immunity boosters, and decoctions launched in the market.

According to Dr. KC Pant, Medical Superintendent and Senior Physician of Government Doon Hospital, there is a full risk of kidney, liver diseases due to the haphazard consumption of superfoods and immunity boosters sold in the markets to increase the body’s immunity.

In such a situation, people have to use superfood and immunity boosters very thoughtfully. It is better to avoid using any kind of superfood and immunity booster without consulting medical experts.

On the other hand, according to Dr. Narayanjit Singh, Head of Medicine Department and Senior Physician of Doon Medical College, after the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, people are using superfoods, immunity boosters, along the use medicines in order to increase the immunity of the body. Are using haphazardly, which is doing the work of deteriorating health instead of making it good. You have to be smart about this.

Excessive use of zinc can lead to hair loss
According to Coronation Hospital’s senior physician Dr. NS Bisht, people are consuming a lot of zinc-containing tablets to increase the body’s immunity, which is not good for health. Although zinc is also needed in the body on the lines of calcium and iron, its excessive consumption affects the absorption of other minerals in the body. In such a situation, there is an imbalance of testosterone and other hormones. Instead of positive, negative results are visible. Excessive intake of zinc increases the risk of hair loss

Benefit only by taking vitamin, carbohydrate, protein-rich food in balanced quantity
According to Dr. Vinay Sagar, Consultant and Senior Physician, Department of Internal Medicine of Max Hospital, due to the fear of corona disease, people are taking a lot of superfoods, immunity booster as well as taking vitamin, protein pills on their own, which can be taken in any way. I’m not okay. The body needs vitamins, carbohydrates, protein-rich food in balanced amounts, so if superfoods and immunity boosters are used in a haphazard way, then it is not good for health.

Fresh fruits, green vegetables, and lentils Best immunity boosters
According to Dr. NS Bisht, Senior Physician of Coronation Hospital, there is no need to consume any kind of superfood, immunity booster, too much decoction to avoid corona infection or after getting corona. All that is needed is to use fresh fruits, green vegetables, and pulses as well as eat pure food made at home.

Hyperactive immunity at risk of allergies, diabetes, auto-inflammatory
According to Dr. Rachit Garg, Senior Physician, nowadays a lot of drums of a superfood, immunity booster is being beaten in the markets. But till now it has not been proved to what extent they increase the body’s immunity. It is being claimed that some vitamins, antioxidants, tablets, superfoods work to strengthen the body’s immune system, but there is no scientific basis for this yet. However, overactive immunity can lead to many other types of auto-inflammatory problems including allergies, diabetes, and so on.

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